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description:The testing pyramid categorizes software tests ranging from isolated (fast, less realistic) to integrated (slow, more realistic).

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Design It: From Programmer to Software Architect

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bibliographical reference:
Keeling, M. (2017) Design It: From Programmer to Software Architect. The Pragmatic Bookshelf. isbn: 1680502093.

In “Design It,” author Michael Keeling provides valuable insights into the essential responsibilities of a software architect. Through the lens of a hypothetical project, readers embark on a journey through various project stages. The book strikes a balance between theoretical knowledge, practical methodologies, and a profound exploration of guiding principles.

Keeling skilfully conveys the pivotal role of a software architect, highlighting their ability to bridge the gap between the business’s requirements, the technical team’s needs, and the broader operational context. “Design It” offers readers a comprehensive understanding of software architecture, making it a valuable resource for programmers aspiring to become adept software architects, as well as for experienced architects wishing to refresh their knowledge of modern techniques.

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