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Think Faster, Talk Smarter

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Abrahams, M. (2023) Think Faster, Talk Smarter. S&S/Simon Element. isbn: 978-1668010303.

In ‘Think Faster, Talk Smarter’, Abrahams tackles the challenge of impromptu presentations and unexpected public speaking situations. Providing a range of communication techniques, he equips readers with the skills to excel in spontaneous communication scenarios. The book delves into various message structuring methods to enhance clarity, with a central theme: ‘Prepare and organize your thoughts’. Contrary to intuition, honing your communication skills through practice enables you to confidently respond when put on the spot.

While the book caters to a broad audience, including those not aspiring to be public speakers, ‘Think Faster, Talk Smarter’ offers a wealth of practical advice and insightful tips to elevate interpersonal communication. By following Abrahams’ guidance, readers can improve their message delivery and become more engaging speakers. This book is not just about public speaking; it’s a valuable tool for anyone seeking to enhance their overall communication effectiveness.

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