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Ego Is the Enemy

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Holiday, R. (2016) Ego Is the Enemy. Portfolio. isbn: 978-1591847816.

In “Ego Is the Enemy”, Holiday presents a contemporary exploration of Stoic principles, emphasizing the importance of authenticity and resilience when faced with adversity. Holiday weaves a compelling narrative by drawing on the stories of historical figures to illustrate how unchecked success can corrupt one’s character.

The book is a mix of inspirational success stories and cautionary tales, offering readers a fresh perspective on their own decisions. After reading “Ego Is the Enemy,” individuals are encouraged to reflect on a fundamental question: “Do I aspire to do something meaningful, or do I seek to be important?”. This thought-provoking book challenges readers to examine their ambitions and the role of ego in their pursuit of success and fulfillment.

content categories: mindset philosophy reflection
complexity categories: novice